Introducing GeneaSearch

Some time ago, the JGIRC search engine moved to a new site: GeneaSearch. This new search engine provided a needed upgrade to the original, simpler search engine we had running on this site.

The same features are still there, but better, Where our search engine would only search on the names of the main person in the record, GeneaSearch will search all of the surname fields and all of the given name fields.

Additionally, GeneaSearch uses DataTables, so it takes care of multiple pages of results, and offers a search field for an additional level of search within the results that occurs in real-time in your browser.

This new search engine also makes it easier for us to add new collections than the way we had it programmed previously. Not much has happened here at JGIRC, according to our blog, but we have been working on some new things and they are coming soon.