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Mukacheve Marriage Records

This is a collection of all the Mukacheve marriage records we have gained access to so far. This includes all of the marriages in 15 books from the Uzhhorod archive.

In This Collection

These books come from Fond 1606. From Opis 16, we have Spr 54-58, 76-77, and 83. Books 76-83 are books from towns rather than the city of Mukacheve. From Opis 15, we have Spr 138-143.

Opis 16 is Jewish marriages only. 1859-1880, 1891-1894. Opis 15 is all marriages, 1895-1920, and all of them have been indexed.

Our search engine can search one given name and one surname, but it will look for bride, groom, and their parents (when included in the record). You can further narrow your search using the search box at the top right of the results.

Indexing Notes

Names were usually in Hungarian, so that is how they were spelled. Searching by Soundex may reveal the variations.

We have one field for surname and one for given name for each person, so if there were multiple names given, they were all entered into the same field. Some names were abbreviated and they were indexed as such.

We sometimes didn’t learn the regional names until after indexing them many times, until something was written more clearly. We did not correct earlier mistakes such as those. We’re also not familiar with the non-Jewish names, so expect a lot more variation in the spellings of those names vs. what they should be.

Several marriages were recorded in these books that took place in New York, Wien (Vienna), and other cities.

There is an extra field of “other” names. This usually includes the current husband’s name for one of the mothers, or even a previous husband for the bride. You will need to check the record for the specifics.


Size of database: 3794 entries
The first Baptist was noted in 1918.
We counted seven mixed marriages of Jewish and non-Jewish persons.


You can order a copy of the images through our web site for $10 per record. Use the order button and fill out the form. This money will be used to obtain more records from this archive in the future. There are many more books for Mukacheve and the surrounding area.


Marriage of Rabbi Lazar Spira (center), Civil Registration sample
Jewish Registration sample